Law of Marketing and its Fundamentals


Imagine a marketplace where your customers are growing at a rapid rate with extensive positive feedback for your brand and you have reached there with years-long marketing tricks and plans.

Yes with a planned marketing strategy and execution, a product can reach its maximum heights of growth and possibilities to capture the marketplace among all competitors globally.

And to reach such a huge level of growth and success, let us understand first what is marketing and its journey from being a product to a brand.

This is the simple three words description that is powerful yet the topic of discussion as the word MARKETING is“ meeting needs profitably”, the shortest way to define but marketing for a product or service is a complex process in itself as it revolves around the journey of a brand from initial to final stages in building a brand’s identity in the marketplace to meet the target audience and their mindset.

Here is what the management GURUS says about marketing:

PHILIP KOTLER defined marketing as “ Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they want and need through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others”.

PETER DRUCKER described it as

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is ready to buy. All that should be needed then is to make the product or service available.

Marketing a brand initially is like a newborn baby in the family, grabs the attention of everyone, and passes through the various stages of transformation before becoming a polished person in life. The transformation stages need to be monitored at every step with a lot of nurturing, teaching, and observing the different elements and behavior patterns before turning him on track of success.


It’s time to discuss here the fundamentals of marketing:

1 We need to start marketing even before the product is ready to hit the marketing, this is the most prominent step to achieve success for a brand.

2  The discovery of the product has to be done keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and how it is going to help them and profit them.

3 Enter the world of marketing with a strategy, like sending the right message to capture leads and sales at the right time to the right target audience whom you think and feel can purchase the product.

4 Keep targeting your audience and observe their requirements, desires, expectations and give them solutions by providing them your product – a one-stop solution to meet their respective needs.

5 Once the audience is in your cap keep targeting them to solve their queries or help them out with other issues too to maintain a healthy communication channel for the future growth of your brand.

6 Marketing is a mean in its end, as when your product reaches qualitative people and consumers feel they are satisfied with your service and product, a kind of MASS TRUST develops that work as an ORGANIC and best form of marketing which requires no marketing strategies to be followed to capture sales anymore.

7 Your product is already a successful brand and you just keep working to make it better day by day to capture the first position of being a popular and valuable brand.


Deepak Kanakraju, a well renowned and India’s best digital marketing expert launched his brand called “DIGITAL DEEPAK”, consisting of all components and concepts required to become a successful person in life if anybody is keen on making a career in digital marketing.

A computer science graduate from IIT  who decided to do a job after graduation opted for civil engineering to join his father’s construction company as a second career option in his life.

The year 2008 saw an extreme recession in the US, and because of that there were no hiring of IITians to start their career and the only option left was to wait and watch till it subsided.

Deepak, besides pursuing engineering in computer science, was also passionate about reading magazines, articles on motorcycles, and watching videos too gives him immense happiness.

He was so deeply influenced by reading articles and magazines on motorcycles that he observed there is no website in India regarding motorcycles and this clicked him with the thought of creating a blog for motorcycles.

His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called, BIKE ADVICE, which became the no.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1 lakh followers and 1 million page views per month. He exited from BIKE ADVICE in 2012 and worked as a digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Preeto, Instamojo, and Razorpay. He also writes, speaks, and consults on digital marketing, and writes as a columnist at Entreprenuer.com and Your story.

From the year 2008, he is in the digital marketing industry doing a lot of things like writing blogs and articles under his brand name DIGITAL DEEPAK https://www.digitaldeepak.com/ which requires no introduction in the marketing world today.

Deepak, being a digital expert, created his own mastery bundles covering all topics of digital marketing https://pages.razorpay.com/Digital-Marketing-Pro-Bundle required to build a valuable and successful career in digital marketing. With all his efforts and hard work, he has reached today the level of being a no. 1 digital marketing expert in India, building thousands of people’s career in the fields of digital marketing as a Digital Mentor, Nice position in a job, Owner of a business or agency in digital marketing and A digital freelancer.

https://www.instamojo.com/digitaldeepak/digital-marketing-mastery-bundle-pro-11-cour/?discount=bundle pro

Apart from all this Deepak has done and still planned on starting many new ventures to maintain the fluidity of MASS TRUST, by engaging more and more people to work with him in different designations in his company


DDIP is the best internship program so far now, giving ample opportunities to those who want to learn all the practical aspects of digital marketing as Deepak believes that for a successful entrepreneur in digital marketing one must possess deeply practical and precise knowledge of all concepts such as Website\Blog creation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Personal Branding, Freelancing, Digital Mentoring and many more.

DDIP was launched by Deepak Kanakraju, keeping in mind all the requirements of people what the expect from a course, how will it help and benefit them in the long run and why they should enroll themselves in this program apart from this, the program also offers to learn while earning as cashback is given to students after completing the assignments as per the rules and regulations under DDIP.

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As we all know unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing used to be the most prominent method of marketing at that time, but as we have already entered the digital era, every person is now shifting his views on promoting the product or service through digital means like social media platforms and online selling through websites.

People were not that much aware as now, they took traditional marketing as a medium to convey marketing messages to their audience through limited sources such as radio, television, and print media.

Digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing is more concise now as there are many sources to target an audience and capture leads and observe the behavior pattern and their selection process too.

Digital platforms have transformed the mindset of people completely and people are trying to connect with various channels on marketing digitally to improve their business standards.


This is the basic formula to create wealth and success in the marketplace


Wealth = n^ CATT – here n is the niche which we have to choose to target the market as every move towards success and wealth depends on this and try to find out the interest of the audience to find your niche.

C= Content – focus on building strong and convincing content to attract the target audience in the form of blog posts, videos, lead magazines, live webinars and give your target audience a path to reach out to you with quality content.

A= Attention- capture the attention of your audience with captivating content and drive traffic using various marketing methods like SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, and referrals to get more traffic on your blog or website.

T= Trust- Build your trust with your audience by using tripwires, marketing automation, and remarketing funnel strategy.

T= Transaction- This is the last step of this funnel which results in sales finally with a natural process with your audience who are already attracted towards you and trust you and want to make a purchase of your product.

Choosing the right niche mainly comprises of three things :

1 Talent

2 Market

3 Passion

All these three components are required to select a niche, if you don’t have passion for a niche then the other two components are invaluable for your success and growth.


This is the powerful roadmap in digital marketing and the road starts from content marketing – once you are successful in driving attention for your content then people start searching for you on search engines and once you start getting traffic from the search you can promote your content to capture more leads on social media like Facebook and from there, more leads can be generated and email marketing also takes you to next level in converting your audience attention towards your niche and then, target them with all your product niche that will satisfy all their needs and convince them to make a sale. In this way, this integration model works in the same manner as the CATT funnel in selling a niche.


PERSONAL BRANDING- We have so many brands of different qualities and people choose a brand according to their perceptions and needs that make them feel happy, satisfied and feel free to advertise the brand as a part of their lifestyle, habit, or choice to reflect their personality among the society, and keep following them for long life and the brand becomes a “LEGEND”.

Market yourself as a BRAND, because people want to hear from people not from a brand or product, and to reach that stage we must understand its evolution:

Learn a new skill through concepts, facts and practice its process to become a master.

Work on your new skills from practice to implementation for better understanding either you are in a job, freelancing, or any other skill.

Write what you learn and practice in skill to analyze your weak points and keep trying to improve it to make a better experience by writing a blog or an article, the more you write the more knowledge you achieve from it to build your brand.

Once your brand is built, start consulting other businesses to understand their needs and help them if needed to build a channel of trust and communication.

People always look for advice and suggestions so help them as a mentor, this acts as an asset for your brand and helps you in building a kind of bridge of new opportunities and understanding.

Finally, start providing your product or service to the people as a developer of your brand with problem-solving solutions and skills as well.


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